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Published on December 15th, 2010 | by Heather


Saving the World With Plantronics’ X95 Headset

We have been spend­ing a lit­tle too much time killing Nazi zom­bies late­ly. Our task to save the world has ex­pend­ed all of our en­er­gy and frankly, those around us are tired of lis­ten­ing to gun­fire and war­fare. For those of you won­der­ing what in the world zom­bies have to do with gam­ing, the an­swer is: ev­ery­thing. We want­ed to see if the Plantron­ics Game­Com X95 Wire­less Gam­ing Head­phones were in­deed worth wear­ing for our “Call of Du­ty: Black Ops” marathons.

The X95 head­phones look like your av­er­age mat­te black head­phones, ex­cept for the con­trols that in­clude a di­al and a switch be­hind each earpad. Each side is re­spon­si­ble for a dif­fer­ent func­tion; the left con­trols the in-game chat vol­ume while the switch mutes the mi­cro­phone. The right side is the head­phone vol­ume and a pow­er switch. The con­cealed mic-boom hides in the head­band and pulls the mi­cro­phone out of our way when not need­ed. Con­trols are easy to use and even eas­i­er to re­mem­ber.

Af­ter plug­ging in our head­set adapter to our Xbox 360 con­sole, we were im­pressed by the com­fort of this set. We’ve tried many, many oth­er be­fore- some that of­fer mul­ti-sys­tem gam­ing and a bit more com­fort but at a high­er price and oth­ers that of­fer more flex­i­ble mi­cro­phones. But these are an ex­treme­ly sol­id val­ue, not least be­cause of the pric­etag. They fit snug­ly and though we wish the ca­ble that con­nects the head­phones to our con­troller was longer in or­der to move about a bit more freely, au­dio qual­i­ty is good enough- though it won’t im­press those look­ing for 5.1.

More im­pres­sive­ly, the au­dio was well-bal­anced. Though the X95 head­phones do not have sur­round sound, the 40mm stereo speak­ers can nonethe­less push out fair vol­umes, and de­cent bass. Mu­sic is a bit mud­dy, and the pads don’t quite seal out oth­er sounds well enough to con­sid­er them very noise-can­cel­ing. Those in the vicin­i­ty of our vir­tu­al play­grounds al­so seemed to be able to hear even with the closed-ear de­sign.

If you are look­ing for sound qual­i­ty to share for Rock Band or Gui­tar Hero, look no fur­ther than the Polk Au­dios Hit­mas­ter. This won’t re­place any re­al 2.1 au­dio set and cer­tain­ly is not the right au­di­ence for movies but for those types of games, it packed lots of punch. It’s a sim­i­lar price range as well.

We found a great deal on Ama­zon- the Plantron­ics Game­Com X95 Wire­less Gam­ing Head­phones usu­al­ly re­tail for around $100 but we found them for un­der $60 on Ama­zon.

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