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Published on June 6th, 2012 | by Kira


Let Your Nerd Flags Fly: Tetris Link And Lords Of Waterdeep

Nothing makes me happier than a nerdy night of board games. I am actually in the works of putting on a house warming party and my first thought was board games. Yes, I am the coolest person around these parts.

So, when TrulyNet had two board games come in for review, I said: “Gimme!” I got the lovely opportunity to play the Tetris Link and Lords of Waterdeep (from Dungeons & Dragons) board games. These two board games are different in pretty much every way.

We’ll start with Tetris Link. If you are a fan of the old school Tetris game then you might enjoy a walk down memory lane while paying Tetris Link. This simple game plays in about 15 minutes and you can play with up to four people. It is perfect for families who want to play a quick game before bed with the kids. Game play is a combination between normal Tetris and games like Connect Four. Each player has their own colored links that they slide into the slot at the top of the clear plastic Tetris grid. The idea is to create groups of your own colored links while blocking your opponent(s). Each group of 3 or more paired links earns the number of points of the number of links in the group. If there are any unfilled spaces a player can lose points (-1 point for 1 unfilled space and -2 points for 2 or more unfilled spaces). Unlike the computer version of the game, you of course cannot adjust the orientation of the links as they move down the grid, how you put them in the slot is how they will end up. This makes it pretty easy to have unfilled spaces. A dice determines the type of link used, and if a player runs out of a link then their turn is forfeited if they roll that piece (this actually happens pretty much every game). The game is over once the grid is filled, points are tallied, and if there is a tie then the game goes to the player with the largest group of links.

I like the idea behind this game. Tetris is a classic, and like all classics (just think of all the books turned movies) people will buy into the idea of this board game. They will be excited to share their childhood game with their own kids, but I do not think this game was fully thought out and it comes off looking a little cheap. I am not a fan of the inability to adjust the orientation of the pieces; however, I am not sure how to rectify this issue. It is a little frustrating that you can run out of a particular link. I also think that the point system should work exponentially, if a player some how manages to create a group of 7 links (which is pretty hard) he/she should receive more than 7 points. Finally, it’s a bit awkwardly designed, since the Tetris grid does not fit in the box without having to remove its feet, which is a little annoying.

While Tetris Link is a quick game for the family, Lords of Waterdeep is a full-fledged ~2 hour long strategy game for more serious gamers. Although, as far as strategy games go, it is pretty quick to pick up. By the second round, you should have the basics completely down.
The back-story is that you are a Lord of the Waterdeep and you have to complete quests and earn points by collecting adventurers (aka cubes: black are rogues, orange are fighters, white are clerics, and purple are wizards) as well as money. The clerics and wizards are about twice as hard to acquire than the rogues and fighters. You go about collecting the adventurers by placing your

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